Best Chess mat choices in 2023

Mousepad chess mat

A chess mat is basically just a large, thin, flexible and soft chess board used primarily in tournaments and chess clubs. There are however several different types of chess mats and each type has things that make it unique, they are not just a floppy chess board! The Vinyl Chess Mat This chess mat is … Read more

The history of chess

Chess is one of the oldest games still in popularity today. Like anything that old, it has changed throughout history to eventually become the game we love today. Let’s take a little look back through time. The genesis of chess   The origins of chess goes back some 1500 years to around 600ad in northern … Read more

Best Chess Clock Choices for you in 2023

The chess clock, or as they are sometimes called, chess timers, are a standard piece of equipment for both club and tournament play. As chess players became more sophisticated and more competitive, they started taking longer and longer between moves to develop their strategies. This could really drag the game on for extended periods of … Read more


There are a wide variety of chess boards available for not only playing at home but many other uses you may not have thought of. Chessboard sizes Chess boards come in a variety of sizes ranging from small travel sets to boards that are used for outdoor chess and have pieces that stand five feet … Read more